When I think of the Bahamas I just go Cray and I have to just go there and have some fun and get back safe and sound with lots of memories and even in the storm I love that islands and I want to make sure that there is nothing that will really will get me to the place where I think I will make sure that we are trying to vent some tiredness of the time that we are working and not trying to think of anything else other than work and that would have been really great if you would have made sure that it would have been the case in the Bahamas and I just love the tropical weather and there are also a lot of places where you are going to take part in adventures that are going to get remembered.

The remembering part is that there is so many and so much to do in there I think I would really hurt my back if I try to do the things at once and that will really take the edge off and that is something I need and without that I am really going to nowhere. I think being in a deserted islands is no fun when you are there with multiple women and if there is only two of you then it was okay but being with two or more at a time is trouble because you are going to have to be traded up and they will always be fighting for the attention of you and you have to take care of many of them. If you are in emergency, you can click here now. They will also take care of you in time and they are always trying to be so clingy that it will fry the brains of anyone.

I think there are a lot of ways where I can really go and there should be the things that are going to be there with me and that is a towel and nothing else and I kind of got into the most important thing philosophy from the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy and then thought about it that Douglas Adams did say one right thing and the most important thing in the world is the towel and you can go to anywhere with it and you will never be pissed off and you will really have a good time. The important thing now is where do I get the app?